A Marble Slab Countertop Can Enhance Your GTA Homes Value

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Marble Is a Noble Stone with Much to Offer

A countertop made from a marble slab can enhance any GTA home. Marble immediately confers wealth and prestige as it has long been used in palaces, cathedrals and important public buildings. Marble is incredibly pleasing to the eye; its glossy appearance and gorgeous whirls and striations are uniquely beautiful. It is clean, bright, and no two pieces are alike. Your countertop will always be one of a kind.
Marble is also ideal for food preparation. It is hypoallergenic and its high, impermeable gloss provides a sanitary surface for preparation of food. It is easy to clean and disinfect. A naturally cool stone, marble doesn’t conduct heat well – this is both physically pleasing on hot days but is also perfect for the preparation of pastry.
Marble is widely available in a variety of colours and styles. It is quarried all over the world – from the Italian Carrara, famous for its whites, to green Connemara from Ireland. There are famous quarries in the United States, in Vermont and Georgia.

Marble – the Negatives

Every stone has its physical imperfections (which only add to its appeal). However, every stone also has drawbacks that affect its viability as a material for home renovation. Marble’s negatives have less to do with appearance and more to do with functionality.
It is more delicate than other counter surfaces, such as granite. It is susceptible to scratching and a cutting board is required for countertop use. It also stains easily from anything acidic, like red wine and some fruits in particular. Marble requires regular sealing to retain and protect its beauty, and, if left uncoated, it can cloud. Honed or matte finish slabs are probably more practical for kitchen use.
Marble runs the price range from very expensive to the relatively affordable Carrara marble, which is at the lower end of all natural stone in cost. It is definitely more affordable than granite, depending on type. The increase to the resale value of your home with a marble slab countertop more than offsets the higher initial cost.

Fabrication and Installation

After you buy your marble slab from the dealer, it is sent to a fabricator who will tailor-make the piece for your kitchen. Working from a template of your counter, the fabricator will shape the piece, bevel the edges, hone the surface and add any other design elements you might want. The fabricator can either install the piece himself or work with an installer. As with most stone treatments, it is not advisable for the do-it-yourself weekend handyman – this is a job for a pro.
There are some issues with installation that can add cost to the project. Remember to factor in things like preparation of the area, which might require removal of furniture or rebuilding of cabinetry. The physical delivery of the stone is also a factor, as well as installation charges.
A marble slab countertop will lend distinction to your GTA home, as well as enhance its value.